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Register your Estonian business with us and pay only for the services you actually need!

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Hi, we are BRISQ

and we provide corporate services for foreign owned small and medium sized businesses registered in Estonia.

Being a digital nomad running a location-independent business guarantees the most benefits from Estonia's e-Residency program, but not only. Occasional projects and side gigs that require the ability to invoice legal entities or a company to hold your investments are also reasons to consider establishing an Estonian Private Limited Company.

As each case is unique and depends on your personal circumsances, such as business, residency and citizenship, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation!

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Starting your business does not need to be complicated - you have an idea, we will help you with the rest to get your company ready for business!

Everything to get your company registered.

Legal address in the respectable business area.

Positive reply from a financial services provider.

What People Say

Our organization, The IO Foundation, has worked with the people behind Brisq since we started back in 2018, which on itself bears witness as to how reliable they are. We can't be more satisfied with the level of care and detail they have shown all these years and the peace of mind they bring to our organization is simply priceless...

Jean, The IO Foundation

Estonia is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, known internationally for its pioneering digital initiatives, flat-rate income tax, 100% profit repatriation and conservative budget policy. Estonia’s membership of the EU, Eurozone and OECD are added quality marks of its open and transparent governance.


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Saani 2/2-26, 10149 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Tel: +372 5646 4466     |

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