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Does e-Residency make sense for you?

Quite possibly you have already done your homework and know quite a lot of the e-residency program.

e-Residency, a government issued digital identity, empowers entrepreneurs around the world to set up and run a location-independent business.” There are a number of articles and blog posts out there, but make sure you visit the programs "Knowledge base" as a source of accurate information. What works for one, does not necessarily suit for others and not every case is a success story. In short - what is e-residency? E-residency is a tool which enables you to open and manage your company, in Estonia. No standing in queues, no filling paper blanks, no meetings with the officials, as all is done online and you can apply from wherever you are. It allows you to:

  • register your company online

  • manage it, online

  • sign legally binding documents, online (in case all parties have the same possibility)

  • access to the EU single market

  • file taxes online

Despite the name, e-residency has nothing to do with the actual residency, neither is it a travel document. Also, it is not your way out of paying taxes, so be sure to consult your personal tax situation to a specialist!

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